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If you’re an investor looking for a higher yield than cd’s, muni’s, corporate or treasury bonds; let us show you what’s possible in the real estate market. Whether it’s a foreclosure an REO, Bulk and or Commercial Assets, Successful investing requires more than just getting a good price.

You will need to know what supports the income in the local area: for instance, if the Largest Major Employer is relocating to Taiwan within the next six months, what effect will that have on the resale value, rents, vacancy rates, time on the market, etc. If we know that a Large employer is relocating to the area, that could have a positive impact on the local housing market.

Full Due Diligence Includes:

·         BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) or CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

·         Full Appraisal (When Necessary)

·         Average Rents In Area

·         Vacancy Rate (1 Year Trailing)

·         Annual Expense Estimates

·         Annual Management Fee

·         Feasibility Study

o   Current and Pending Municipal and Commercial Developments that can have adverse
or Benificial Impact on Investment Profitability.

o   Crime Rate

o   Demographic Statistics

o   Current Local Industry Analysis

o   Planning Commission Reports.

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